• New Pilgrims Congregational Church/UCC is a faith community of diverse people seeking wholeness within ourselves and the world in which we live.

  • We offer sanctuary to those on a journey of spiritual inquiry and expression.

  • We are an interactive people seeking to live with faith and hope, rejoicing in discoveries and comfortable with doubt. We welcome all people to share in this journey.

  • We value individual conscience and are not bound by any creed. We commit ourselves to discovering God’s Spirit as it continues to be known in our lives, in others, and in all creation.

  • We view the Bible as a source of inspiration, compassion, guidance and wisdom, and seek its meaning beyond literal words.

  • We understand Jesus as both teacher and Christ, one who reveals what it means to be a whole human being, embodying God’s love and acting with justice and mercy.

  • As we affirm the teachings of Jesus, we welcome and learn from those who move along other paths toward discovering the sacred.

  • We affirm that all life on earth is connected in an ever-unfolding process of creation. Our mission and our desire as responsible partners in this process involves a conscious commitment to respect, honor and care for places, people and all life on earth both now and for the future.

our leadership
Becky Withington

Pastor Becky comes originally from Minnesota, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s studies from the University of Minnesota (and where she met her husband Paul).

She then achieved her Master’s in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Pastor Becky and Paul fell in love with the Pacific Northwest after visiting friends up here, so they moved to Seattle in 1992.

After being a librarian for several years, Pastor Becky began directing the children’s program at Plymouth UCC in Seattle. That part-time position evolved into a call to pursue ordained ministry.
After completing the Masters of Divinity program at Seattle University School of Theology, plus two internships and a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, Pastor Becky was called to serve Everett Church of Christ. Her passions in ministry include spiritual development and justice issues.

Please feel free to contact Pastor Becky at or 360-722-0185. Office hours (please call to make an appointment): Monday 9 am-5 pm and Tuesday 9 am-noon. Appointments available at other times by request.